Private Space Travel

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Monday's SpaceShipOne flight could usher in an age of privately financed space travel. What do you think?

"If they develop a private space-travel vehicle, it'd better have some decent space-wireless access for my space-business-traveler needs."

Michael Ellis • Systems Analyst

"There's already a flag on the moon, right? Might as well put a Wal-Mart behind that one, too."

Wayne Kupstis • Landscaper


"Is this part of that Bush Mars plan that he mentioned, like, once?"

Richard Gettier • Waiter

"I suppose the flight is ushering in a new era of some sort that could change the way we view space travel, I guess."

LeeAnn Misek • Writer


"I can hear the radio transmission now. 'Outback Steakhouse, your place for steaks and family fun, we have a problem.'"

Chad Devore • Pharmacist

"Hey, any idea that involves blasting the wealthiest .01 percent of the population into the cold, lifeless vacuum of space is all right by me."

Maryann Lahr • Business Owner