Pros And Cons Of Banning Cars In Cities

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Concerns about the effects of cars on cities have led to more cities around the world, including Madrid, Paris, and Mexico City, partially banning cars in certain areas or on certain days, but opponents say the practice has many negative consequences. The Onion breaks down the pros and cons of banning cars in cities.


Encourages more people to drive buses to work.

Finally gives residents chance to enjoy family picnic on highway exit ramp in peace.


Would take some of the sting out of losing license due to third DUI.

May finally lead to rural Fast And The Furious film.

Promotes just staying home.


Would spawn terrifying urban dystopia cruelly ruled by fastest walkers.

Could throw off global warming predictions scientists worked so hard on.

Might have to buy a stupid-looking helmet.

Much harder to lure drifters onto bicycle.

Disproportionately affects part of working class that commutes from beach homes in summer months.