Pros And Cons Of Bilingual Education

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With more than one-fifth of American students speaking a language other than English at home, a number that continues to rise, there’s a growing case for bilingual education as a foundational component of the U.S. system; critics, however, maintain that it’s unnecessary. The Onion breaks down the pros and cons of bilingual education.



Introducing children to irregular conjugations a great way to foster interest in other cultures.


Watch Narcos without subtitles.

Dazzle potential mates by reciting intricate and profound Hungarian sonnets.

Opens up new job opportunities like French barista and German janitor.

Gain ability to talk to animals who speak Spanish.


Threatens American culture of not knowing jack shit about anything.

Can’t have your kid being smarter than you.

Still going to lose job to robot.

Really overestimates average American child.

Have to live fuller, more engaged life.


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