Pros And Cons Of Breaking Up The Big Tech Companies

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A recent proposal by Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren to break up big tech companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon has revived debate over whether they have too much power. The Onion looks at the pros and cons of breaking up the big tech companies.



Freeloading billionaires will be eliminated and replaced by freeloading millionaires

U.S. economy will become less reliant on dorks

More opportunities for regular Americans to open own iPad company

Only real way to punish Amazon for fucking up our Police Academy box set delivery

Will spur innovation as companies try to subvert regulations in new and interesting ways


Immense, unbeatable corporate entities give small startups something to aspire to


Kind of curious to see just how big they can get

Means a few more unbearable Senate hearings where they ask Zuckerberg if he’s tracking their Snapchats


Would undo all the hard work they put into evading taxes and sidestepping monopoly laws

It’s the 21st century, so this will never actually happen