Pros And Cons Of Canceling College Football

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With the Big Ten and Pac-12 voting to delay their seasons this week, the debate has been raging over the relative value and safety of playing college football during the pandemic. Onion Sports evaluates the pros and cons of canceling the season.



Frees up stadiums around the country to be converted into temporary hospitals.

Local affiliate will show back-to-back episodes of Monk to fill schedule.

The NCAA will save millions of dollars it would have otherwise spent thwarting players’ attempts at unionizing this season.

Provides coaches with an easy way to appear to care about the health of their players.

A chance to see how good Mel Kiper Jr. really is at this mock draft thing.

It’s just college football, not like it’s anything important.


Anyone wearing a team logo in the fall will look completely stupid.

Would let the coronavirus think it is winning.

I mean, we’re not paying Dabo Swinney $9 million to talk, you know.

Chests already painted.

Aspiring NFL players will miss a crucial year of CTE development.

Will have to spend Saturdays outside.