Pros And Cons Of Congestion Pricing

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The use of congestion pricing, an extra charge on drivers for using roads where other public transit options are available, is gaining increasing consideration in New York City and other urban areas, but its detractors say the policies can hurt more than they help. The Onion examines the pros and cons of congestion pricing.



Great way to offset revenue lost by giving out corporate subsidies.

More room for street stickball.

Fewer opportunities for Lyft driver to reveal he’s homophobic.

Don’t even have a car, so whatever.

Additional revenue can be used for more roads to fill with cars.


Unfairly penalizes motorists who only ducked into midtown Manhattan for a loaf of bread.

Seems like we’d have to vote on this in one of those confusing ballot measures.

May prohibitively raise cost of Door Dashing a single chocolate chip muffin.

Seems like a big hassle when we could just try a Purge.

Could lead to unfair precedent of being charged for other activities that impact surroundings.