Pros And Cons Of Congressional Term Limits

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The number of long-serving, elderly members of Congress has continued debate over whether limiting how many terms they can serve would be beneficial, with detractors saying term limits could have negative consequences. The Onion breaks down the pros and cons of congressional term limits.



Many politicians seem much happier as lobbyists, public speakers, and talk show pundits

Greater influx of fresh new ideas for funding the military

A statistically more sexually virile Congress

Euthanasia currently illegal

Would be fun to see all the scandals congressmen can cram into one final unaccountable term rather than spreading it over whole career


Short stints at jobs look bad on resumes

Much easier to print ballots with same names on them every year

Do we really want former Michigan Rep. John Dingell to hold record for longest-serving congressman forever?


Can take some newly elected officials several terms to gather courage to speak in public

Exact type of check on power constitutional framers opposed