Pros And Cons Of E-Cigarettes

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The deaths of several people caused by using black-market vaping products have revived debate over whether e-cigarettes are safe, or whether their drawbacks outweigh any potential benefits. The Onion breaks down the pros and cons of using e-cigarettes.


Cheaper alternative to traditional methods of looking cool.

Teaches teens valuable inhaling skills.

Exploding vape was the highlight of Samantha Vonn’s grad party.

Safer means of consuming tobacco than cutting it in lines and snorting it off mirror.


Making your own clouds means bringing a little piece of heaven everywhere you go.


Could be gateway to smoking harder USB-powered devices.

May damage reputation of technology as something that only ever improves society for the better.


Oh fuck, was that weed?

Loose-cannon cops unable to burn suspects for information.

Rolling your own way more difficult.