Pros And Cons Of Economic Sanctions

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Economic sanctions, in which a country levies financial penalties against another country, entity, or person, are at the center of tense U.S.–Iran relations, and their use in general is a matter of significant debate. The Onion looks at the pros and cons of economic sanctions.


Something to say you tried before starting the war you were planning anyway.

Shows populace consequences for insisting on being born powerless in dictatorship.


More difficult to quantify deaths they cause than straight-up war.

Just nice to have something to announce every once in a while.

Only harms people without power to retaliate.


Innocent money drawn into other parties’ conflict.

Probably involve at least some math.

Damn it. We wanted to travel there one day. Shit.

Denies thousands of citizens sweet taste of Pepsi Max.

Not as satisfying to invade country whose citizens already sick and starving to death.