Pros And Cons Of Free Speech On College Campuses

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Free speech has become an increasingly contentious issue on college campuses as students, faculty, and the national media debate whether schools should impose restrictions on things like protests, guest speakers, and course material. The Onion takes a look at the pros and cons of free speech on college campuses.



Provides students the opportunity to hear new arguments that bolster their existing beliefs

Promotes diversity of backlash

Debating controversial ideas reduces time students would otherwise spend experimenting sexually

Connects study of history to real world by inviting Nazis to campus

Might be people’s last opportunity to stand on a desk


You can really stick it to those delicate liberal snowflake rape survivors

Gives students false impression that solving problems in real world involves free and open discussion


Free speech includes dry witticisms and puns

Permits students to protest Columbus Day in the dining hall when you’re just trying to eat lunch


Bullhorn feedback a real issue

Provides never-ending source of material for hand-wringing New York Times columnists


Propagates illusion that others care what you have to say