Pros And Cons Of Impeaching Joe Biden

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called for a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden for corruption related to his alleged role in his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings. The Onion looks at the pros and cons of impeaching the president.


  • Could finally achieve some sorely needed political division in this country.
  • Sends a strong message to Americans considering having sons.
  • Trump’s been impeached a bunch and people love that guy.
  • We could all start saying “It’s Jover.”
  • Just want to see an old man lose his job.


  • Suggests nepotism is bad and should be punished.
  • Deals crushing blow to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s reputation as bipartisan dealmaker.
  • Seems kinda mean.
  • Could have chilling effect on children of elected officials earning six-figure consulting fees.
  • No way Biden lucid enough to realize how bad it is.