Pros And Cons Of Impeaching Trump In Last Days Of Presidency

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President Trump’s role in his supporters storming the Capitol on January 6 has driven unprecedented calls for a second impeachment among some congressional leaders, while others have cautioned against the move so late into his term. The Onion looks at the pros and cons of impeaching Trump in the last days of his presidency.



“Double Impeachment” a pretty decent History Channel show title.

What are his supporters going to do, storm the Capitol again?

Trump can’t claim he resigned on future job applications.

Delivers stark reminder that anyone attempting to overthrow U.S. government better be successful.

Offers Biden chance to display bipartisanship by immediately pardoning Trump.


Could set dangerous precedent of impeaching every president who incites violent insurrection.

Just finished putting all the stuff away from the first impeachment.

Nothing will ever bring back Pelosi’s podium.

Two impeachment attempts all but assure Trump won’t be carved into Mount Rushmore.


Forces Congress to reveal how quickly they can actually get things done.