Pros And Cons Of Mandatory National Service

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A recent federal study stated there’s a case to be made for young Americans to participate in a period of mandatory national service, not necessarily in the military, adding fuel to a long-debated policy idea. The Onion looks at the pros and cons of mandatory national service.



People from diverse backgrounds could join together to do something mandatory.

Probably get a free hat out of it.

Still certain to be plenty of loopholes to ensure none of this applies to wealthy.

Mostly just hooking up with other volunteers after lights out.

All the benefits of slavery without the nasty connotation.


Could foster belief that society is something beyond a construct for indulging one’s every desire.

Already volunteered at cat shelter once in 2005.

Nothing in America really needs any work right now.

Would infringe on constitutional right to give back nothing and help no one.

Unpaid internships and gig economy already provide plenty of opportunities to work for no money.