Pros And Cons Of Meal Kit Delivery Services

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The fast-growing meal kit delivery industry is projected to be an $8 billion market by 2025, but critics warn that its unintended consequences can outweigh the benefits. The Onion looks at the pros and cons of meal kit delivery services.


Allows you to waste full meal all at once instead of just letting one ingredient go bad at a time.


Hip, upmarket packaging brightens up landfills.

Raw chicken in the mail.

Won’t have jar of leftover tahini in your fridge for five years.

Creates nice data sets of dietary preferences for startups to use to destroy agricultural industry.


May end up stifling your ability to cook creatively fucked-up meals that taste awful.


Still requires you to turn on the fridge.

Bucatini pomodoro again?!

Unnerving sense your go-to Thai place knows what you’re up to.

Inconvenient to ship leftovers back when you’re done.


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