Pros And Cons Of Open Relationships

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Over the past few years, interest in alternatives to traditional monogamous relationships has increased, and more people are experimenting with having more than one romantic partner. The Onion takes a look at the pros and cons of open relationships.



Enables couples to explore romance with all kinds of people who are better than their current partner

Guilt-free, apart from the guilt with which we are all burdened due to original sin

Don’t have to look for divorce lawyer

More sex, right? That has to be the point of this.

Getting rejected by everyone else will ultimately bring you and your partner closer



Half the fun of cheating is the sneaking around

Can be difficult to explain to your kids who all these people are

Finding out that staying faithful to your partner wasn’t what was causing all the problems


Masked orgies nowhere near as erotic as pop culture would lead you to believe

Probably not going to work