Pros And Cons Of Privatized Space Travel

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Over the last decade, private companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX have begun to challenge government-run programs conducting space exploration and investigating the possibility of establishing life on other planets. The Onion outlines the pros and cons of privatized space travel.



Allows the wealthy to finally look down on every other living thing at once

Lets people go straight to space without the red tape of demonstrating qualifications or reason to

Could finally give Red Bull the opportunity to kill a monkey in a test flight

People no longer have to be really fit to go into space

99 percent of potential casualties will be rich assholes


Space very cold, dark

Would distract Elon Musk from finally figuring out how to transport people between Los Angeles and San Francisco

Hidden oxygen-supply fees

Only available in-flight entertainment option still random midseason episode of This Is Us


Mankind not yet ready to view heavens through majesty of Pepsi Space Experience