Pros And Cons Of Prosecuting Trump After His Presidency

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Both state and federal prosecutors have reportedly considered filing charges against President Donald Trump for charges stemming from before his presidency and his time in office, but many warn that such a move could cause more harm than good for the country. The Onion looks at the pros and cons of prosecuting Trump.



Constant litigation would be huge hit among nostalgic Trump supporters.
Courtroom sketch artists could use the work.
What good is having a Deep State if you can’t take down a few true-blue patriots?
Well, it is a customary thing you do to criminals.
Would make his 2024 comeback story that much more impressive.


Derails Trump’s plans to dedicate remaining years to charitable endeavors.
That smug look on Chuck Todd’s face.
Would end his 74-year streak of not being held accountable for actions.
Jury duty such a pain in the ass.
Rest of nation could be charged with aiding and abetting.