Pros And Cons Of Salary Transparency

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An increasing number of people advocate being open about salaries as a way to fix pay iniquities and encourage employees to ask for more compensation, but there are many cultural and professional taboos around the practice. The Onion looks at the pros and cons of salary transparency.



Sharing logic behind compensation makes it easier for employees to understand why they’re worth less

Dicking around all day now a form of wage protest

Always nice to have another thing to be cripplingly insecure about

Interns will find out who’s gaining the most experience

Helps employees determine which side of angry mob to be on


Employees might not respect CEO if they knew he only makes $20 million a year

Jack still going to eat more than his fair share of donuts every Friday

One less sexy little secret

Rude to discuss how much you make in mixed company

If handled incorrectly pay transparency could result in workers getting fairly compensated