Pros And Cons Of Sanctuary Cities

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Reports that President Trump was considering a plan to release detained undocumented immigrants in the nation’s sanctuary cities has put the spotlight back on a controversial immigration policy. The Onion takes a look at the pros and cons of sanctuary cities.


Frees up police resources for cracking down on nonviolent drug offenders

Residents get to feel like they doing nice thing without having to do any work

We already carved that poem on the Statue of Liberty

Rush Limbaugh needs to fill three hours a day

Undocumented immigrants can experience hollowness of American Dream firsthand


Real bummer for bored ICE agents

Introduces confusion into nation’s otherwise consistent and comprehensible immigration system


Lose crucial racist tourist dollars

Treating people with basic human dignity sounds good until a white lady dies

Exposes undocumented immigrants to statistically more dangerous U.S. citizens