Many Americans are moving into extremely small living quarters, simplifying their lives and putting less focus on material goods. The Onion examines the pros and cons of “tiny houses”:


  • Paints inability to afford a real home as positive life choice
  • Allows you to live the simple life your ancestors did everything in their power to escape
  • Likely too cramped for ghosts to bother haunting
  • Refrigerator as close to bed as you’ve always dreamed
  • 4’-by-3’ velvet Allman Brothers Band poster gets the decorating job done on its own
  • Home comes fully supplied with 20 years of small talk


  • Anxious pacing route severely restricted
  • Spending quality time with family members all but unavoidable
  • Meticulously charting out who gets to use the electrical outlet each night can be somewhat draining
  • Most documentaries on the subject already wrapped
  • Lack of diversity in a neighborhood composed entirely of other people whose novels didn’t sell
  • Have to live there