Protecting Our Banks

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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the body that insures bank deposits up to $100,000, has raised the number of "troubled banks" to 117. What is being done to keep the banks from going bust?

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Holding a money drive where community members are encouraged to bring all of their unused cash to a local bank

Heart-wrenching bank scene from It's A Wonderful Life playing on a loop in the lobby

As morale boost, scent of cash pumped constantly through bank

Poorer customers now charged preemptive overdraft fees

Oversized foam-core cutouts of $100 bills will be placed on easels in bank lobbies to allay patrons' worries about their bank's solvency

Holding a contest to give one lucky bank 30 minutes with a shopping cart inside the U.S. Treasury building

Planting a $5 bill in vault and seeing what happens

Introducing tough new criteria for prospective borrowers, such as having a job