In the wake of an ever-growing number of shootings of police officers, including last week's L.A. bank-robbery shootout, debate is raging over how to better protect our nation's law enforcement officials. What do you think?

"I feel bad for the cops. From now on, I'm going to let them beat me a little harder."

Jerry Osgood • Building Contractor


"In preparation for an armed assault by a police officer, I reinforced my ass with a baking sheet."

Warren Browder • Science Teacher

"We need to protect our nation's law enforcement officials at any cost. Except those fucking meter maids—let the bitches fry."

Hugh Kulwicki • Chef


"Any police officer who's in trouble should just call 911."

Dana Bern • Orthodontist

"I think our police officers would be safer if they didn't wander around such bad neighborhoods at all hours of the night."

Linda Lewis • Systems Analyst


"The only way policemen can be saved is if they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior."

Bill Reuschel • Computer Programmer

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