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WASHINGTON—Explaining that people needed to get started soon if they wanted to be ready by January 20, the American Psychological Association issued a statement Friday advising Americans to practice saying the words “President Trump” every day over the next two months in order to prepare themselves to use the phrase from Inauguration Day onward. “Many people have considerable difficulty forming this particular combination of words, which is why we recommend taking a step-by-step approach, beginning with sounding out the syllables separately and gradually working your way up to using the phrase naturally in a sentence,” said the APA’s chief executive officer, Cynthia D. Belar, who noted that it could be helpful if Americans said the word “president” and then waited a full 10 minutes before following that up with the word “Trump,” and then repeated the practice, progressively reducing the amount of time between intoning the words until they could be spoken in relatively quick succession. “Although two months is not an especially long amount of time to become proficient at saying this challenging phrase, eventually, with some effort, it will be possible for Americans to get it all out without stammering, choking, or having to pause immediately afterward to let out a large sigh. While this won’t be easy, it is important that we begin training now rather than find ourselves unprepared when President—ugh, oh God—Trump takes the oath of office.” The report went on to encourage Americans, for the sake of their mental well-being, to never even think of the phrase “Attorney General Giuliani,” let alone utter it aloud.

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