Quaking All Over

In the past five weeks, two massive earthquakes have killed thousands in Turkey and Taiwan. What do you think about this sudden spate of pre-millennial natural disasters?

"Surely this is a sign from God. It's His way of telling us that plates far below the Earth's surface are shifting on top of molten magma."

Diane Dahm • Florist


"I have no sympathy for these earthquake victims. If they didn't want to take the risk, they shouldn't have been living on the planet's surface."

Larry Selsberg • Systems Analyst

"Of course all those cheap buildings fell down. Never trust anything made in Taiwan."

Steve LaFleur • Cable Installer

"In 1992, I experienced a panquake while eating at IHOP. Try as you might, you just can't put a traumatic event like that out of your mind."

Judith Ambrose • Teacher

"Sorry about that whole earth-moving thing. It's just that my girlfriend and I have such amazing sex."

Wesley Vebber • Bus Driver


"I don't mean to sound insensitive, but I have to ask: Was there anyone on the scene with an IMAX camera?"

Frederick Garden • Comptroller

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