Researchers found that the Bajau peopleā€”residents of the Philippines and Malaysia renowned for their free-diving abilitiesā€”inherited their breath-holding capacities genetically through enlarged spleens. What do you think?Ā 

ā€œI donā€™t care what they do in Malaysia, but in this country, spleens better stick to recycling red blood cells and battling bacteria.ā€

Sandra French ā€¢ Agrarian Programmer

ā€œThatā€™s cool. My family tends to primarily pass along a lot of blood pressure issues.ā€

Matt Michaels ā€¢ Glass Harmonica Tuner


ā€œAs mutant powers go, I think Iā€™d rather control the weather.ā€

Greg Tailor ā€¢ Whittling Expert