Real-Life ‘Katamari’! This Drunk Driver Is Still Dragging The Cyclist He Hit

Illustration for article titled Real-Life ‘Katamari’! This Drunk Driver Is Still Dragging The Cyclist He Hit

Calling all Katamari Damacy fans—you’re going to love this! If you were into this Namco classic, you’ll definitely be excited to hear Keita Takahashi’s off-the-wall classic pretty much came to life moments ago when a drunk driver ran over a bike messenger who got tangled in the bumper and is still being dragged by the car as we speak!


Watching the visibly intoxicated driver weave his way through traffic with the badly bloodied cyclist trailing behind is sure to give any PlayStation 2 owner some serious flashbacks to rolling around the Prince’s katamari in the 2004 cel-shaded classic to collect cows, thumbtacks, takoyaki, forks, and any other quirky object you could find. And just like in the game, this wildly swerving driver is picking up all sorts of items as he runs them over! There’s some litter that got caught in his hubcaps from when he drove on the sidewalk. There’s blood on his windshield. And check it out! He just picked up a bunch of newspapers when he tried to jump the curb to flee the scene!

Look out, everyone! If this guy keeps it up, pretty soon he’s probably going to be bigger than the earth itself!

In fact, we here at OGN are getting hit by a tidal wave of nostalgia just watching the driver ricochet off an alley wall plowing down a one-way side street. Katamari’s controls were definitely pretty clunky, and we can’t tell you the number of times we got stuck in a tight corner and needed to use all our wits to keep our ball moving. Plus, if that screaming, heavily wounded cyclist is a Katamari fan, there’s no doubt he’s excited to be part of this incredible recreation!

Frankly, we hope this die-hard gamer never stops drunk driving in his mission to breathe fresh life into the hallowed legacy of Katamari Damacy. If the police finally catch up to him, though, he can tell everyone in prison about the day he gathered a haul that would make even the King Of All Cosmos proud.

Congrats to this true Katamari champ! Way to go!