Real-Life ‘Nintendogs’? This Furry 4-Legged Creature Loves To Snuggle And Play

Illustration for article titled Real-Life ‘Nintendogs’? This Furry 4-Legged Creature Loves To Snuggle And Play

Ever since its 2005 release, Nintendogs has built up a loyal fanbase of those who fell in love with the title’s adorable cast of cuddly characters, yet resigned themselves to never seeing anything as cute in their daily lives. Well, gamers, feast your eyes on this: It turns out there’s a real-life creature called a “possum” that’s just as snuggly as a Nintendog.


Aww. Just look at that face!

Nintendo must have gotten some serious inspiration from these little cuties when they were hashing out Nintendogs’ character designs, because they’re just as playful and fluffy as the golden retrievers from the handheld classic. That’s why we knew we had to grab one of these sweeties in a blanket and bring it back to our home office when we saw it milling around in a local park. It’s just as sweet as a Nintendog, and it even makes a sharp, spitting “bark” sound when you throw a ball at it. Agh. We’re basically melting into a puddle of goo thinking about them!

Word to the wise, though—unlike the in-game Nintendogs, which respond to voice commands and learn tricks, this precious pup just seems to scramble away and hide in your attic if you approach it and try to give it a nice chew toy. Similarly, you’re going to need to get into the habit of feeding your real-life Nintendog several times daily with trash, rotten fruit, and compost.

Strangely enough, these adorable guys also seem to get very angry and claw at anyone who tries to kiss them on the face while calling them a “nice Nintendog.” Youch!

Even with these challenges, the satisfaction that will come to gamers from taking care of their own honest-to-God Nintendog can’t be beat. Sure, you might need to bandage up a few scratches and hose down your bedroom to get rid of the overwhelming stench of urine, but that’s a small price to pay for getting this close to having your own Nintendog just milling around your house!