Illustration for article titled Realtor Thinks Flourishing Neighborhood Full Of Middle-Class Latino Families Has Real Turnaround Potential

CHICAGO—Calling it the next “hot, up-and-coming spot” for young professionals, local real estate agent Angela Kirkman stated Tuesday that she believed a flourishing neighborhood full of middle-class Latino families with deep roots in the area had great turnaround potential. “Look, I’ve been in this business a while, and I’m telling you, between the bustling Puerto Rican storefronts, historic family homes, and beautifully maintained parks, all this place needs is a good bulldozing and several dozen towering, high-end condos,” Kirkman said as she drove through the tight-knit, culturally rich neighborhood, pointing out locations on the thriving main drag where a mini Target, Philz Coffee, or Chipotle were “just begging to be opened.” “When you think about how many generations some of these families have lived here, you realize there must be something pretty great about it. Granted, we’re still three to five years away from our clients feeling comfortable about moving to this area with their kids, but with a little elbow grease, we’ll get all the flags, loud music, ice cream guys, and family cookouts cleared out. Call me crazy, but I just love the vibe of this place.” At press time, Kirkman had reportedly pulled over to take a photo of herself in front of a beloved community mural, commenting that it would be a highly lucrative spot for a billboard. 


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