Reasonable BTS Fan Only Sends Death Threats In Defense Of J-Hope

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FREDERICKSBURG, PA—Saying she tried to keep a level head about matters like this, reasonable BTS fan Jessica Antwerp, 19, told reporters Monday that she only sends death threats in defense of lead singer J-Hope. “Look, there’s definitely a way to take fandom over the line, which is why I’ll only threaten to track down and skin alive anyone who dares criticize J-Hope,” said the college freshman, noting that she distinguished herself from the crazier fans online with her insistence that only J-Hope was her true soulmate and that she would never seek out the homes of TikTok users who criticize V or Jung Kook in order to key a menacing note like “fucker” or “die” into their car door. “Of course I would shed blood—both my own and others—on behalf of J-Hope. But the rest of the members of BTS are major celebrities who can take the heat. I also make sure to only sleep outside of J-Hope’s hotel rooms, not Jin or Suga. That would be insane.” At press time, Antwerp added that she also kept her BTS fandom in perspective by reminding herself that she would probably only have four or five children with J-Hope once they married.