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BINGHAMTON, NY—Saying it seemed like a perfectly fine way to bide her time, recent SUNY Binghamton graduate Brenna Novich told reporters Thursday that she might as well do some good in the world until the economy picked up. “It’s really tough to find any positions in the publishing industry right now, so I guess there’s no reason I can’t make a positive impact on the community while I wait for something to open up,” said Novich, adding that she would probably teach underprivileged children or advocate for an environmental organization while keeping an eye on job openings. “No harm in giving back to society until hiring gets going again. I doubt it’ll take more than a couple of years at most, but there’s plenty of opportunities making a difference in other people’s lives to hold me over.” At press time, Novich was relieved that she had managed to land an entry-level job and would not have to work for a good cause after all.


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