Recipe Passed Down From Grandma Gussied Up To Be Less Poor

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PHILADELPHIA—Noting that her beloved nana had grown up in the 1930s and that things had changed since then, local woman Patrice Weppler spent Monday taking her grandma’s famous beef stroganoff recipe and gussying it up to be less poor. “There’s nothing I love more than nana’s cooking, but also, I’m not sure she’d mind if I used olive oil instead of Crisco shortening and short ribs instead of whatever ‘beef scraps’ are,” said Weppler, adding that because she wasn’t a 19-year-old seamstress feeding a family on two dollars a week in a kitchen without a refrigerator, she might also throw in a few fresh herbs and then create a red wine reduction for flare. “I know nana always said that boiled potatoes were the secret ingredient, but I think I’ll just serve it over fresh egg noodles from the gourmet Italian grocery. Now, I just have to divide the recipe so it doesn’t feed fifteen.” After reviewing all the changes she made, Weppler told reporters that she finally gave in and decided to just print out a copy of Bon Appétit’s “Best Authentic Russian Beef Stroganoff Recipe.”