Reconstruction Finally Completed On Field Destroyed By United Flight 93

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SHANKSVILLE, PA—Declaring the 17-year project “a testament to the resilience of the human spirit,” Somerset County officials announced Tuesday that the reconstruction of the empty field destroyed by United Airlines Flight 93 has finally been completed. “America is all about never giving up, and I think visitors will feel that when they gaze upon these twelve acres of pristine land,” said Department of Forestry spokesperson Brent Maylock, who claimed that Liberty Field would be a constant reminder of America’s extraordinary ability to eventually rebuild in the wake of immeasurable grief and tragedy. “For nearly a generation, we’ve been unable to use this field. We were bogged down by painful memories, as well as a number of ordinances and other red tape. But now, the grass will grow exactly as it used to. The topsoil has been replaced, and the wildlife has returned. In short, it’s like nothing ever happened here at all. Today, we send a firm message to the cowards who would harm the fields of the United States: You cannot prevail.” As currently planned, Phase 2 of the project will include a visitor’s center displaying tattered pieces of the original field.


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