Red Cross Installs Blood Drop-Off Bins For Donors’ Convenience

Illustration for article titled Red Cross Installs Blood Drop-Off Bins For Donors’ Convenience

WASHINGTON—Expressing their hope that the new initiative would encourage more people to give, American Red Cross officials announced Friday that they had begun installing blood drop-off bins for donors’ convenience. “We realize that many people’s schedules prevent them from being able to visit their local Red Cross during normal business hours, so we’re introducing our new PlasmaGo donation bins, in which anyone can leave a few pints of blood any time they’re out and about,” said American Red Cross president Gail McGovern, adding that the 142-cubic-foot containers, which will soon be placed outside every Red Cross location in the country as well as in parking lots and street corners in major cities, will be available 24 hours a day for those who want to squeeze in a donation on the way to work or drop off some blood while running errands on the weekend. “All you have to do is place your blood in a sealed container marked with your blood type before dropping it in the receptacle. Or, if you’re in a rush, just bleed directly into the PlasmaGo bin and we’ll sort it out later on our end. Whatever’s most convenient for you.” Should the new bins prove successful, McGovern said the organization would consider installing an additional slot for bone marrow.