Red Lobster Welcomes Back ‘Defrosted Shrimp Days’

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ORLANDO, FL—Casual dining restaurant chain Red Lobster announced the start of its annual “Defrosted Shrimp Days” on Monday, welcoming back the popular seasonal promotion that features all-you-can-eat freshly thawed prawns for only $9.99. “It’s that time of year again for us to crack open the cold storage locker and melt the freezer burn off of our succulent jumbo shrimp,” said Salli Setta, president of the Red Lobster brand, who suggested people also try the restaurant’s signature Twice-Reheated Breadsticks or Room-Temperature Portofino Seafood Bake. “So bring the whole family down for a delectable feast, right from the freezer to a plastic bag of boiling water to your table!” Setta added that customers should act fast because the promotion only lasts until January 1, after which the restaurant will transition to its “Leftover Shrimp Fiesta.”

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