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NEW YORK—Claiming that the continued strength of a marriage was dependent on incorporating the ritual into their routine, relationship experts told reporters Thursday that healthy couples should be renewing their vows at least three times a week. “It might feel a bit rote to have these frequent, scheduled events, but reaffirming your commitment to one another in a beautiful ceremony before all your friends and family every few days can really help to keep your marriage fresh and healthy,” said relationship coach Felicia Zink, noting that spouses who still love each other can keep the magic alive by sending out invitations to guests, renting a venue, and lighting a unity candle together before exchanging rings every other day. “It doesn’t have to be a whole big thing every time. It could be 10 minutes with an officiant over dinner or an entire 45-minute ceremony with a reception following, whatever you have time for. What’s important is to switch it up every now and then by, let’s say, exchanging vows to one another on a beach Tuesday and then doing low-key nuptials with a simple sand ceremony at home on Thursday.” Zink added that not taking a honeymoon together at least once a month could be a real sign of trouble in a relationship.


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