Remember ‘Command And Conquer’? No? Okay Then

Image for article titled Remember ‘Command And Conquer’? No? Okay Then

Hey, gamers, get ready for a nostalgia kick! Remember Command and Conquer? No? You don’t? Oh, well, huh...We had this whole thing planned about the game, but if this isn’t ringing a bell, you can just forget about it.


Really, though? The cover had that soldier with orange goggles? There was a sequel called Tiberian Sun? Nothing?

Okay, forget it. Just go back to the homepage and scroll around the rest of the site. There will probably be something else you’re more familiar with. Or don’t. You could also go have a snack, or maybe take a walk around outside. It really doesn’t matter.

Sorry, not to say what you do doesn’t matter. You do matter. Everyone matters. It’s just we thought you would remember what this real-time strategy game from 1995 was about, and we were excited about sharing that reminiscence with you. But then to not get anything back from you doesn’t feel great, y’know? It took us off guard, frankly. That’s fine though. It isn’t your fault, or anyone’s fault, really. Just a thing that happened.

Have a nice day.