Illustration for article titled Report: 42% Of Relationships Begin With Leaning Over Apartment Balcony To See Beautiful New Neighbor Watering Zinnias Below

PITTSBURGH—Saying that millions of couples owe their relationships to the unforgettable chance encounter, a report published Wednesday by the University Of Pittsburgh found that 42 percent of romantic partnerships begin with someone leaning over their apartment balcony to discover the beautiful woman who just moved in watering zinnias below. “The data suggests that more than 4 in 10 romantic connections are formed when someone who has recently had their heart broken is surprised to find a gorgeous woman he’s never seen before tending to her flowers,” said lead researcher Sasha Relman, adding that in instances where the two neighbors locked eyes just for an instant before being overcome with shyness and returning to what they were doing, the chances of the relationship leading to marriage nearly doubled. “Along with online dating and meeting through mutual friends, going out on the balcony to smoke or read the paper only to be drawn over to the rail by the sound of a woman softly humming to herself as she tips her watering can over her garden is one of the most common ways for Americans to find a partner.” Relman went on to say that such relationships did not officially begin until the tenant worked up the courage to call out, “They’re quite beautiful,” with just a hint of a knowing smile.

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