Report: 76% Of Sleepaway Campers’ Parents Beginning Trial Separation

WASHINGTON—A report released Friday by the U.S. Administration for Children and Families confirmed that more than three-fourths of overnight campers’ parents are using the opportunity away from their children to reassess their marriages by living separately. “We found that immediately after dropping off their kids at sleepaway camp, the majority of these children’s parents move in with a friend or check in to an extended stay hotel as they test the waters for a future divorce,” ACF spokesman Gregory Atwood told reporters. “While their kids are obliviously canoeing, building campfires, telling ghost stories, and forging friendships with their cabin mates, tens of thousands of parents will be attending last-ditch relationship counseling, thousands more will travel to their own parents’ houses to talk through their marital problems and decide whether they want to dissolve their partnerships, and nearly all will question whether they feel ready to re-enter the dating scene at middle age.” The report went on to state that by the time they pick up their children from camp, 40 percent of parents already have a custody schedule planned out.