Report: 98% Of NFL Team Leaders Need To Step Up

INDIANAPOLIS—Citing the high number of leadership voids that have remained unfulfilled in locker rooms across the league, a new report published Friday in the Journal Of Quantitative Analysis In Sports revealed that a startling 98 percent of NFL team leaders currently need to step up. “Our findings have conclusively and irrefutably shown that the overwhelming majority of team captains have to just go out there and lead by example,” said study co-author Greg Mollison, noting that a growing number of senior players from all 32 NFL teams can’t simply rest on their laurels and need to realize that younger teammates look to them when the game is on the line. “Further data indicates that it’s now or never for 74 percent of veteran players, while 81 percent need to show why they’ve been stalwarts in the league for so long. Meanwhile, we’ve found that talk is all well and good for 91 percent of such players, but at the end of the day, they need to take care of business on the field because they’re the face of the franchise.” While the study confirmed that over half of all team leaders should be prepared to carry the team on their back and take them all the way, only 4 percent are projected to successfully do so.