Report: Americans Most Physically Active When Getting Comfy

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BETHESDA, MD—Saying such activities overwhelmingly accounted for calories burned in the U.S., a report released Tuesday by the National Institutes of Health found that Americans are most physically active when getting comfy. “Key indicators of physical activity such as increased heart rate and respiration reach their peak when Americans are rolling over in bed or wiggling around in order to find a more optimal sitting posture on the couch,” the report read in part, adding that researchers observed an exceptionally high flow of oxygen to muscles when participants lifted their legs onto an ottoman or enlisted their upper body to spread a comforter when they were chilly. “Using fitness trackers, we discovered that Americans take most of their daily steps when walking back and forth in their home to ensure that their desired snacks and the remote control were in reach while they’re watching TV. Furthermore, most of their cardiovascular endurance can be attributed to the regular, almost daily practice of throwing on sweatpants immediately after getting home from work.” The report also noted, however, that most serious injuries are sustained by Americans overexerting themselves while stacking a second pillow behind the first.