Report: Artist Who Drew Iconic Obama ‘Hope’ Poster Has Lost Hope In Him

In an interview with Esquire, street artist Shepard Fairey said that seven years after designing the iconic red-and-blue poster of Obama with the word “Hope,” he has personally lost faith in the president, who he thinks is “not even close” to living up to how he was represented on the poster. What do you think?

“Yeah, well, Shepard Fairey can either sit around feeling bad or he can get right back on the horse with an inspirational Bernie Sanders poster.”

Lori Eggleston • Antique Appraiser


“That’s why I always wait until someone’s well into their second term before making any sort of iconic representation of them.”

Frank Letson • Floor Plan Drafter

“It sucks when people aren’t like the pictures I draw of them.”

Marcus Coombs • Unemployed