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Report: Average Consumer Puts Blind Faith In 87 Corporations Per Day

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WASHINGTON—Noting that consumers make inherently trusting decisions every few minutes, a report released this week by the Bureau of Consumer Protection has found that the typical American puts blind faith into an average of 87 corporations each day. “Whether filling prescriptions, ordering from a fast-food menu, or using electronics, we found that an average subject places their full trust in the hands of massive profit-hungry conglomerates they know practically nothing about on a near-constant basis,” said lead researcher Patricia Lowenson, noting that Americans felt comfortable entrusting their mental and physical well-being to chemical, agribusiness, plastics, transportation, meat processing, and automotive corporations an average of five times every waking hour. “Even when buying groceries or household products, at no point does it ever cross the mind of the average consumer to look past seemingly innocuous claims on a product’s packaging and consider an item's ingredients or methods of creation—that is, if they even read the packaging in the first place, which is rare.” Lowenson also noted that the average American puts their blind faith into an average of 140 stabilizers, preservatives, and other chemical compounds every bite.


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