Illustration for article titled Report Finds Majority Of Freeway Accidents Could Have Easily Been Filmed

WASHINGTON—Advising motorists to remain vigilant at all times, the U.S. Department of Transportation released a report Thursday that found the vast majority of freeway accidents could have been filmed. “Our data revealed that in almost every instance where a massive car wreck occurred, there was something that alert drivers could have done to get it on camera,” said DOT spokesperson Emily Patsel, stressing that texting while driving shifts focus away from recording potential pile-ups and lowers reaction time that’s necessary to open a phone camera to capture the traffic crash. “It is essential that motorists keep their eyes and cameras trained on the road at all times. Of course, accidents are bound to occur, so we urge drivers to take all necessary precautions to ensure that not a second of viral content of a car being sideswiped before careening off an overpass is senselessly lost.” Patsel also advised that when driving on nights where people might be drinking, it was crucial that one friend remain sober as a designated cameraperson.

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