Report: Friend’s Dad Knows Someone With Season Tickets

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GREENWOOD, IN—Fueling speculation that the seats could be available for one of the team’s remaining home games, reports surfaced Tuesday revealing that the father of local eighth-grader Anthony Canella knows someone who owns Indianapolis Colts season tickets. “Anthony told me that somebody his dad works with has had Colts season tickets for, like, 15 years, and his entire family actually got to use them last year for a game against the Texans,” said Evan Barros, 14, adding that while the seats in question are said to be in the upper deck around the 15-yard line, the view of the field is reportedly still pretty good. “Apparently the guy has five seats, so if he can’t go to a game—or even if he has a few spare tickets—maybe we could use them. I mean, he’d probably rather give them away than just let them go to waste. It’s worth asking about, at least.” At press time, Canella’s dad confirmed that his coworker will actually be out of town during Sunday’s game against the Patriots, but had unfortunately already sold his tickets on StubHub.