DENVER—Noting that there were, in fact, several customers at the XpresSpa in the Denver International Airport, sources confirmed Friday that getting a massage at the airport is apparently a part of certain people’s lives. “I guess some people must actively plan that, after they get through security, they’ll set their bags to the side, sit down in a special chair in plain view of others, and receive a 20-minute full-body massage right in the middle of the crowded concourse,” said 34-year-old onlooker Michael Gilbane, adding that it appears to be a normal aspect of particular individuals’ experience to rest their face in a circular pillow while a professional kneads and rubs their muscles in front of a steady stream of travelers en route to their boarding gates or the food court. “Evidently, this is a typical way they choose to occupy their time while waiting for a flight rather than just reading a book or watching something on their laptop. Huh.” At press time, sources concluded that some people seemingly eat at the terminal’s Steak Escape to acquire nutrition.