Report: Holding Trophy Above Head Still Number One Celebration Technique

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CINCINNATI—Following an exhaustive 18-month study examining all major American and international sports, a new report published Tuesday by Xavier University’s Department of Sport Studies revealed that holding a trophy high above one’s head remains the number one technique for celebrating a championship. “The data is conclusive in showing that raising a trophy with one or both arms fully extended up into the air is still by far the preferred method for capping off a title win,” said lead researcher Michelle Howe, adding that in such cases, 58 percent of athletes firmly grip the trophy with one hand while raising their other hand in a triumphant fist pump, 72 percent briefly bring the trophy back down to face level in order to kiss it before lifting it above their head again, and a further 34 percent opt for the more unorthodox approach of lifting the trophy together with a coach or teammate. “Hugging a trophy to your chest, holding up one index finger, and shouting ‘Number one, baby!’ into a nearby camera has become increasingly popular recently, but it is still a distant second." The report went on to confirm that lifting a trophy above one’s head continues to be predominantly followed by striding into a locker room, spraying teammates with champagne, and eventually heading to the nearest strip club.