Report: Many Companies Now Offering Women Permanent, Unpaid Maternity Leave

WASHINGTON—As part of a nationwide effort to accommodate women in the workplace, many U.S. companies are now offering female employees permanent, unpaid maternity leave, according to a Pew Research Center survey released Thursday. “We understand that women face numerous challenges when it comes to balancing work and family life, which is why our company allows every female employee to take an indefinite, fully uncompensated maternity leave,” said David Koerper of EasyPay Payroll Processors, one of thousands of businesses around the nation guaranteeing women the right to leave their job at any point during their pregnancy, stay home with their child for as long as they need to after the baby is born, and then never return. “Women should know that when they decide to have children, we will be proactive about offering them an unlimited number of days at home to care for their kids while earning zero percent of their pay. That is our promise.” In a further accommodation for women, Koerper added that prospective employees who may at some point consider starting families have the option of not applying for a job in the first place.