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SYRACUSE, NY—Detecting the scent upon arriving at his childhood home for a brief weekend visit, Connor Gilmore, 29, confirmed to reporters Friday that his mother and father’s four-bedroom split-level has begun to take on the unmistakable smell of his grandparents’ house. “As soon as I stepped in the door, it hit me—it was just like walking into Nana and Bumpa’s townhouse in Binghamton,” said Gilmore, who described the familiar aroma pervading his parents’ residence as “like, some damp cardboard and old leather with sawdust sprinkled over it,” which he could only assume his parents no longer noticed due to noseblindness, or they surely would have taken steps to address such a distinct and recognizable odor. “I swear, it was almost as if Nana and Bumpa were sitting right there in the living room. And it’s everywhere, too; you can’t get away from it in any room. This must be why Mom’s book club stopped coming over. God, I hope it’s not on my clothes.” At press time, Gilmore was out on the back deck getting some fresh air after the scent of his mother making egg salad had completed the eerily similar olfactory tableau.


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