Illustration for article titled Report: More Americans Opting To Cut Cord By Building, Launching Own Satellite Into Orbit

BOSTON—Offering fresh insight into how the nation consumes media, a report from Emerson College revealed Monday that more Americans are opting to cut the cord on cable television by building and launching their own satellite into orbit. “Our research has found that an increasing number of Americans are looking for more choices from their television provider, leading them to affix a satellite to a rocket and send it hurling through the earth’s atmosphere,” said report author Carol Silverman, noting that consumers were drawn to the flexibility that comes from having a personal signal-receiving device circling the planet despite a comparatively high installation fee of $120 million. “While older Americans in particular still appreciate the simplicity of cable television, newer generations are eager for more viewing options, and appreciate that once their satellite is set up, there’s very little maintenance required apart from occasionally clearing it of space debris or giving it a slight realignment if it’s struck by a meteor.” Silverman added that the report also found more consumers than ever canceling their internet service in favor of installing thousands of miles of fiber optic cables deep below the ocean’s floor.


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