Report: More NFL Stadiums Cutting Off Fights After Third Quarter

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PHILADELPHIA—In an effort to improve fan safety throughout the country, sources confirmed Friday that an increasing number of NFL stadiums are now opting to cut off all fights after the third quarter of games. “Our fans are still free to fight throughout the first three quarters, but we’ve instructed staff to enforce a strict cutoff point to ensure that spectators cannot brawl anywhere within the stadium during the fourth quarter,” said Tom Brennan, facility manager at Lincoln Financial Field, adding that it is vital that ticket holders stop fighting well in advance of the game’s conclusion in order to have ample time to properly recover for their drive home. “We’ve also instituted a limit on getting into more than two fights at once, and we reserve the right to stop fans from fighting at any point if it looks like they’ve had too much. A lot of them unfortunately go a little overboard.” Though many stadium representatives claimed the new policies have improved safety, many observers have reportedly questioned the effectiveness of such restrictions, noting that fans are still allowed to fight freely in the parking lot before, during, and after games.